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Our brand is based on the result of constant refinement, technological advances in manufacturing and a strong belief in the virtues of old world craftsmanship. Take a closer look at the Alan White sofa and you will see what we mean.  There’s an attention to detail,

to the fine points of construction, design and tailoring that sets its apart from furniture of a similar value.  What you cant see is how its built - but we can help with that.  Here’s the inside story on what makes Alan White the best seat in the house.


A great sofa starts with a strong frame - in our case, strong enough to last for years to come.  We make our own high performance frames, combining state of the art machinery with traditional furniture making techniques.  Each frame is constructed with hardwood and engineered hardwoods - a material which because of its absolute uniformity, actually improves upon nature.  Unlike natural wood, engineered hardwood will not split, crack or warp the actual construction is yet another opportunity to reinforce the overall strength. Alan white uses a unique interlocking frame construction with every mortise and tenon joint glued with non toxic glue and fastened with screws and staples for extra strength and durability.  No OSB is used in the manufacturing of an Alan White frame.


Ever wonder why some sofas are more comfortable than others? Take a look under the seat - in an Alan White sofa, there is  a padded deck under each individual seat. The effect is to create a sofa where each seat has its own foundation and set of springs - almost like a connected series of individual armchairs an extra degree of personalized comfort provided by our two different types of spring systems: the premium independent seating support system and the No-Sag spring system. The idea behind each of these technologies is to create a seat with high degree of comfort, which maintains its loft and firmness over years of use.

Our patented independent spring construction enhances the effect of truly independent seating.  Independent seating uses patented springs of heat tempered carbon steel - attached separately beneath each seat for added  strength and support springs help to provide an equal level of support for anyone who sits on the sofa – regardless of their body weight Quad-Z-Spring centres work to balance the overall 'ride' of each seat and enhance the level of comfort




The quality of the cushion is critical to overall comfort.  Our Alan White cushions give you more support where you need it most and are intelligently designed to mold to your actual body shape.  We use the latest technology in foam production to create dense Soy-foam cores with heightened resiliency.  This allows each cushion to quickly spring back to its original shape after being compressed. The unique characteristics of this foam also mean that the “push back” against weight at a gradually increasing rate. So two people of different weights can sit on an Alan White cushion, and both will receive the same level of support.

Our Alan White cushions ensure greater comfort than any conventional cushion. Each Alan White cushion features a Soy-foam core, layered with flexible shape retention foam and the wrapped with polyester fibre. The end result is superior support in a cushion that will keep its crisp, new appearance and shape for years to come.

For our back cushions, our team uses a new technology that allows us to use a very fine denier fibre that will ensure consistency and last longer without crushing.  We blow pre-weighed amounts of this fibre into our channeled backs, which gives us the most accurate back cushion possible.  What does all of this mean for you?  It means our back cushions will not sag over time because the fibres cannot migrate out of their channels.  It also means you can go longer without having to“fluff” your back cushions.

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